Money Compensation for Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

What should you do if you slip on the wet floor of a supermarket and injure your ankle?
What should you do if you trip with the carpet in a movie theater and injure your ankle?
What happens if the owner of the property fails to accept legal responsibility for your injuries?

This type of accident is very common. Knowledge of what needs to be done if you injure yourself while you are a customer in a business will help you obtain money compensation for your injuries. It will also speed up the lawsuit. The existence of dangerous conditions such as slippery floors or broken floors does not necessarily mean that the owner is responsible for your injuries. In order to receive money compensation, you will need to prove that the business or person in question knew or should have known of the dangerous conditions and took no measures to correct them.

As soon as a person suffers an accident inside a commercial property, the owners do everything they can to protect themselves and limit their legal responsibility for the injuries. The employees of the business try to obtain information from the injured victims so they can use it later against them. They also ask the injured victims to sign statements against their own interests or waivers of their legal rights.

If you are injured in somebody else’s property, do not sign any papers and do not say anything until you consult with an attorney. You have no obligation to talk to anyone or to answer any questions. You should consult with your attorney and find out about your rights before you enter into any negotiations or agree to settle your case. Your attorney will be able to explain to you, in detail, your rights under the law and will advise you as to the true money value of your injuries.

If your physical condition and the circumstances allow, you should obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all the witness to your accident.
You should also take notes describing in detail the place of the accident, all dangerous conditions, and all possible causes of the accident. If there is any physical evidence, please safeguard it.

Then, you should obtain the help of an attorney immediately. It is better to start your lawsuit immediately because you and the witnesses will remember what happened a lot better. Additionally, there are time limits to file your claim. If you wait too long, you will lose your rights.

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