As Shown by a Recent Case, Things Students Say in School Can Cause Unusual Disputes.

In a high school in Tennessee, prior to speaking during student elections, candidates had to submit their speeches for review by a teacher. A student surprised everyone by slightly changing the content of a previously approved speech.
EIn the assembly the student said:

    The administration gives itself certain liberties with us hoping they go unnoticed. For example, why is the Assistant Principal always telling dumb jokes when he speaks into the microphone?

The other students loved the speech. They applauded commenting things like "We also dislike the Assistant Principal." Unfortunately for the speaker, the school authorities did not like the speech and he was disqualified.

The student filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming that they should not have disqualified him. The case went to a federal appeals court, declaring that the school administration should have been a little less strict and had let the incident pass. But the court ruled that the school had authority for disqualification.

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